How do you adjust a training schedule?

Vrijdag, 2 oktober 2015
How do you adjust a training schedule?

You have started with a training schedule and have gained some experience. Does it fit well with what you can handle? If so, continue with this schedule. Perhaps it is taking more effort than you thought. Or is it in fact very easy to you? How do you adapt the schedule to your needs?

If it takes a lot of effort to follow the training sessions of the schedule, you definitely should not force it. Run a little slower so that the pace feels comfortable again. Do try to complete the planned duration. If there is no improvement, this schedule may be too ambitious. It is then wise to take some more time to prepare for the desired distance.

You can adjust the schedule as follows

Repeat each training week (except the last) before doing the next week’s training. That way, for example, you have eleven weeks of training instead of six. What you can also do is add an easier week after the second and fourth weeks. During these weeks, you do three short, easy runs. In this example, the schedule takes eight weeks.

Are you finding it easy?

You will then feel the urge to run faster than indicated. This is not a good idea for many reasons. You overshoot the training goal (for example, because you train a different energy system) and you place greater strain on your body than anticipated, which disturbs the conditioning build-up and increases the risk of load carriage injuries. If you have a lot of energy left over, add alternative forms of training that work the cardiovascular system without placing extra strain on the running muscles. Cycling, swimming, riding the exercise bike or other forms of cardio fitness are suitable for this. training schedules

Effective and responsible running? You can achieve that with the running schedules at Training with a schedule means: greater endurance, fewer injuries and more fun. At, you will find schedules for distances from 5 to 42 kilometres. Build up slowly and choose the schedule that suits your level.

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