Keeping up with your running goals

Esther Vliege
Esther Vliege Vrijdag, 2 oktober 2015
Keeping up with your running goals

Your running goal is well-formulated and defined. But how do you make sure you keep it up? First of all, by acknowledging that, as with almost every change, your own behaviour determines this. Because let’s face it, whether you are in good or bad shape is largely the result of your behaviour. Behavioural change is the key to sustaining and achieving goals. It sounds obvious, but it’s easier said than done. Therefore, here are 5 tips that will help you to truly realise your intended behaviour, which is in line with your goal.

1. Communication and a buddy

Friends, colleagues, relatives: tell everyone who’s willing to listen about your running goal. And also explain why you are pursuing this goal. The more they know, the more likely they are to keep it in mind. For example, by motivating you or giving you the time. Perhaps even by putting on running shoes together with you. A buddy can be an added incentive. Designate a friend, colleague, partner or trainer and agree together on how he or she will motivate you.

2. Technology

From studying extensive Excel sheets afterwards, to simply keeping track of time or kilometres: let technology and apps help you keep to your goals. You can also receive a reminder on your smartphone to go for a run or to train your abs. Get all the motivation and registration you want. And do you want to share the updates and progress from the app through social media channels? Then, you can rely on extra motivation and (social) pressure if you haven’t posted for some time.

3. Reward

“Reward yourself with a little something each time you reach a sub-goal”, suggests trainer Rob Veer. “And take the time to reflect on what you have achieved and why you succeeded. Be proud of what you’ve achieved and work with more self-confidence towards the next sub-goal.” Think beforehand about when and how you will reward yourself. For example, when will you be satisfied? By the way, a compliment from the people around you or a congratulatory message from an app (“Well done!”) itself is very motivating.

4. Enjoy

Almost everyone is focused on the result. Willpower, ambition and achievement are needed to reach your goal. But don’t forget to “enjoy the journey” as well. This metaphor was created for a reason. When travelling, you enjoy the road – the journey itself. What you see, do and experience. See your goal as a journey, as well, and try to enjoy it as much as possible along the way.

5 Together

“Running with a number of like-minded running buddies from the neighbourhood can be very motivating”, Rob Veer says. You can also choose to join an athletics club or running group one or more times a week. Don’t worry that you will only meet trained mile eaters there. In addition, there are expert trainers who are happy to help you achieve your goals. Find a club that suits you!

Finally, trainer Rob Veer says: “Failure only exists in the form of giving up. You will undoubtedly encounter setbacks and disappointments. Don’t be discouraged, but adjust the goals and keep working to achieve them.

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