Quark: good for your recovery!

Vrijdag, 2 oktober 2015
Quark: good for your recovery!

What do you eat after intensive running training? After running, you need carbohydrates and protein. That’s why quark is an ideal recovery food. What is in quark?

After running, your body needs to recover from the effort. You don’t do that by just hopping in the shower and curling up on the sofa. What you have consumed during training must also be replenished. You do this by eating and drinking enough after your workout. For example, you need carbohydrates to replenish your energy reserves. Proteins are important for the recovery and building of your muscles.

Important building blocks

Quark contains large amounts of high-quality protein. These are proteins that contain all nine essential amino acids (you will often see this printed on the packaging). Your body breaks down these amino acid building blocks and transports them to where they are needed, for example, to your muscles to prevent muscle pain. Quark already contains all of these important nutrients.

How much do you need?

Researchers have concluded that around 20 grams of protein optimally promotes recovery after exercise, and you can obtain this from a 200 ml portion of quark. Add some fresh fruit for extra flavour! If you are running to lose weight, then simply eat a little less. In this case, it is better to eat less during the day but to ensure that you do replenish your carbohydrate and protein supply after exercise.

Quark versus yoghurt

Quark is often seen as a miraculous post-exercise food, but is it really so special? Quark is actually no better for your recovery than milk or yoghurt. While it’s true that a portion of quark contains the most protein, a glass of milk or a bowl of yoghurt also contains enough protein for your recovery.