Here's why you should train with a schedule!

Lysanne Wilkens
Lysanne Wilkens Vrijdag, 2 oktober 2015
Here's why you should train with a schedule!

Whatever your goal, a running schedule can help you achieve it. With a clear plan, you will know exactly what workouts to do to improve your fitness and speed. Leave the science to someone else so you can concentrate on the running.

Not sure what workouts you can do to get faster and stronger? A running schedule offers you guidelines, gives structure and ensures that you make gradual progress. All the benefits in a nutshell!

Working toward a goal in a focused manner

A training schedule helps you work toward a specific goal. You choose a goal and determine the number of weeks you need to get here. The route to your goal is mapped out, and it’s up to you to follow it in the right way. If you stick closely to this schedule, chances are you will successfully achieve your goal.

Geleidelijke opbouw

Wanneer je sneller wilt worden of hardlopen langer vol wil houden, heb je misschien de neiging om jezelf iedere training tot het uiterste te pushen. De kans is groot dat je daardoor te maken krijgt met (overbelasting)blessures. Je lichaam heeft tijd nodig om te wennen aan een hogere trainingsbelasting en een trainingsschema houdt hier rekening mee door de intensiteit geleidelijk op te bouwen. Zo boek je op een verantwoorde manier vooruitgang.

Building up gradually

If you want to get faster or keep running longer, you may have a tendency to push yourself to the limit during every workout. If you do this, the chance is good that you will forced to deal with (overuse) injuries as a result. Your body needs time to get used to a higher training load and a training schedule takes this into account by gradually building up the intensity. In this way, you make progress in a responsible way.

The right balance

In addition to a gradual training build-up, it’s important that your workouts be aligned. After an intensive workout, it is important to build in enough rest before lacing up your running shoes again. A running schedule helps you find the right balance between training, rest and intensity. In this way, your body will get enough training stimuli to progress and, at the same time, enough rest to avoid overexertion.

Suitable for your situation

Choose a schedule that suits you. Bear in mind your current fitness level, the goal you have in mind and the time you want to use to achieve it. At, you will find running schedules for every runner – from beginner to advanced – so there is bound to be one that fits your situation. The schedules are available to download for free.

A running schedule is a good guide for your workouts, but there is no harm in deviating from it once in a while. You don't have to stick to the schedule at all costs. Are you having a busy day at work or experience a great deal of stress for some other reason? Listen to your body and adjust your training as needed.

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