How running affects your body

Vrijdag, 2 oktober 2015
How running affects your body

Running improves your fitness. You’ll notice that already when you train for a few weeks in a row. It also often works wonders for your mood. But much more good happens in your body when you run regularly.

More muscle, less fat

Running changes the composition of your body. Your body consists of muscles, organs, water, bones and fat. Many people who exercise want to gain muscle and lose fat. Running really helps with that. Especially if you combine running with a healthy diet. But there comes a point when your muscles no longer increase in size through running alone. Is your goal to continuously strengthen and grow your muscles? If so, combine running with strength training.


Running gives your metabolism a boost. Your body burns calories faster. An added benefit is that this faster metabolism continues for a while after you take off your running shoes. In general, the more you train, the more efficiently your body uses your energy. And you will not only benefit from this while running, but also in everyday life.

Running for your heart

Running gives you greater stamina, stronger muscles and a faster metabolism. The sport is also good for your most vital organs, especially your heart. If you regularly increase your heart rate for a while by running, you make your heart muscle stronger and increase its capacity to pump oxygen through your body.

Improved blood circulation and upward spiral

Running improves your blood circulation by widening your blood vessels and increasing your lung capacity. What is important is that you keep on running. Because when you have been running for a while, your body gets used to a higher energy consumption and uses your energy more and more efficiently. This leads to better heart health and a slower heart rate when you exert yourself. This is how you get into a positive spiral: the more weeks, months or years you run, the easier it is to keep up and the more benefits your body experiences.

Happier through running

Have you ever heard of a runner’s high? Or perhaps you have already experienced it yourself? A runner’s high is the euphoric feeling that comes over you when your body produces endorphins during a run. It has been scientifically proven that running can produce this pleasant feeling.